Pirate Theme

Pirate Theme

This Pirate theme park was built in beta by fan Jurre. You can use this design to help inspire you with your Planet Coaster creations. Share your comments below about what you think of their Planet Coaster park.

If you need assistance with building then visit our Planet Coaster tutorial page. This will help explain the controls of building in Planet Coaster if you come across any issues.

Send an email to hi@planetcoastergame.com if you have a cool design you would like to share with the community. Please include name of park/ride, full description and a download link if you want other Planet Coaster fans to play with your creation.

For more cool screenshots of Planet Coaster be sure to check out the roller coaster section and custom theme parks. If you have a question on how to play Planet Coaster, head over to our discussion forums and start a thread.

Special thanks to the team at Frontier Developments for creating such an great roller coaster sim. Building coasters and managing parks have never been better.