Planet Coaster to Feature Same-Sex Couples

Planet Coaster to Feature Same-Sex Couples

The next installment of the Roller Coaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster, will feature LGBT families according to a preview of the game. Frontier Developments has yet to release an official statement.

In a recent clip of the game, it shows a security guard chasing down a graffiti artist. While he is shown tracking the artist, a gay male couple holding hands can be seen in the clip.

If this remains in the final version of Planet Coaster, it would become the first construction/management simulation game to feature gay characters.

Responses on reddit has been positive.

“This is the kind of nonchalant representation that makes me so damn happy. It’s just there. No big deal. And yet, even so, it means a lot to have it there,” said one member.

Another wrote, “It’s little things like this that shows you that the culture is changing and it makes me so damn happy.”

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