Controls Tutorial

Controls Tutorial

Here’s our Planet Coaster tutorial for camera, build, shop and gameplay controls. The PC game will release on November 17, 2016.

Camera Controls

You can use WASD to move the camera around.

There are two different camera modes. The default mode will allow you to stay at the same elevation of the park, and when you moving around with WASD you press T which will switch to the other camera mode. If you press W it will move you forward into the direction the camera is facing. Press S and it will move you backwards. Unfortunately there’s no toggle mode that tells you which camera mode you’re currently in, so you may have to hit T a few times to figure out which mode you’re in.

If you want to build and craft things, it’s best to have the camera zoom out at a high level. It’s easier to do large scale things with the camera zoom out. You can then press T and it will put you indoors and let you build things while you move around. This view is similar to the guest camera mode.

Switching to the guest camera mode will give you a good fell for your park. In first person view you can’t control the guest, but you can hold down the center mouse button to look around.

When in free camera mode you can hold shift to speed around the park.

Build Controls

One of your first options is Blueprints, which are things you can save yourself by selecting a variety of building pieces or scenery and saving it as a blueprint to use later as a template.

Next tab is the Coaster tab. You can select blueprints from this which are premade coasters. When you select a coaster, hold shift to move it up and down, and then place the coaster down. There’s also a Custom menu that you can build rollercoasters yourself: steel, hybrid and wooden coasters. When building a coaster you can either hit Z and it’ll rotate your platform at 45 degrees in a clockwise manner or you can hit Z and rotate the mouse to manually do it. You can also use the Angel Snap option and specify the angle you want to place it. You can toggle Angle Snap on and off by hitting the spacebar.

Shop Controls

After you place a shop down, click on the Building tab. Select Custom and then go to walls, then wall pieces. Select a wood plank, place it on the inner squares. Press Z to rotate the walls. When you need to fill a gap (spacing between building and wall), hold shift and it will place the piece directly against the building to eliminate the gap. If your selected piece is floating in the air, press shift and it will bring it back down to ground level. If later you want to add more pieces but can’t find the exact design you used earlier, left click on the piece of wood and hit CTRL D and that will duplicate the selected piece. You can do this with multiple pieces, example entire side of building by left clicking on each piece, then hit CTRL D. Or you can left click and select the entire building and hit CTRL D to duplicate the whole building. To center a piece you can hold F.

Bring up the advance building mode by hitting X when you have a piece selected that’s not on a grid. Hit X again to rotate the piece. If you hit V it will align the piece to the building.


Tapping O will increase game speed. Hit P to pause the game.